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We, the Goel industry are the leading company and trying to position ourselves as the best spice supplier as we know our products contain the authenticity our customers want and what more other exporters lack in. Our company is especially known for its spice specification and precision taste.

We supply our spices under the brand name “natural bliss”. Our company has the impxeccable employees and quality analysts who conduct all the inspections from sanitary parameters to checking the specifications of the products. Our Company has sprawled in various regions and hoping to clear all the way to make the position in the international area.

Since our inception in 1999, we recognized the enduring value of organic produce. Over nearly two decades, we have spearheaded the international organic revolution, setting unparalleled standards in organic product exportation.

Our commitment to organic goes beyond mere trend; it’s a dedication to health and sustainability. Our products are free from harmful chemicals, packed with nutrients, and environmentally friendly. From Amaranth seeds to Flax seeds, Sesame seeds to Psyllium, our extensive range caters to diverse dietary needs.

Situated in Unjha, Gujarat, the epicenter of India’s sesame and spice market, our in-house processing plants ensure meticulous quality control from cultivation to packaging. We hold all necessary certifications and registrations from global authorities, guaranteeing the highest standards of safety and quality.

With GMP-certified processes and a steadfast focus on customer satisfaction, we are committed to delivering nothing less than excellence in every product we offer.

Our vision is to establish a global network of satisfied clients and provide natural, healthy, and 100% organic produce to communities worldwide.

We are committed to upholding the stringent quality standards set by our management, ensuring our products meet global safety and quality norms for human consumption. Operating on ethical principles, we strive to cultivate a healthy growth environment for our farmers, employees, and customers, fostering an all-encompassing approach to well-being.

Our mission is to embody quality in every aspect of our products and services, meeting all implied needs of our customers. We prioritize high quality, production efficiency, and wide distribution, constantly refining our manufacturing and operational processes through education and innovation. We aim to deliver personalized service tailored to meet the evolving requirements of our customers.

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